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List of Equipment

The compact design of these units allow their use with 1m tools in very cramped pits and in round shafts with a minimum diameter of 2.1m. The machines can be extended using extension frames to a variety of lengths in order to deal with longer tools and pipes. Their installation range covers everything up to a maximum jacking length of approx. 80m and a final pipe diameter up to 1016mm and can be used in various ground conditions, depending on technique being used. These thrust boring machines are diverse systems for both guided and unguided, trenchless pipeline installations. They are designed for the installation of a wide variety of product pipes.

The range of mts Perforator guided auger boring systems available for hire include:

  • PBA20
  • PBA38
  • PBA40
  • PBA85
  • PBA85V
  • PBA150
  • PBA155

This size variety of machines covers bored installations of:

  • Naylor Denlok Clay Jacking Pipe from DN150 to DN700
  • FP McCann Concrete Pipe from DN450 to DN600
  • Hobas GRP Pipe from DN600 to DN700
  • Lost Steel Casings from 219mm diameter to 1016mm diameter
  • MDPE Terraline from 110mm to 630mm


  • Acclaim Accreditation

  • Achilles UVDB Verified

  • Constructionline Gold

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